Tuesday 1 August 2017

State of Wales Goes Live

My new independence and "all things big picture" site, State of Wales, launched yesterday. It's the first of three new sites coming over the next few months.

"State of Wales is a quarterly magazine-style blog which will explore, in-depth, the major challenges facing Wales now and what Wales could and should become in the future; issues that aren't strictly connected to everyday party politics."

The new Bridgend-focused Oggy Bloggy Ogwr will launch this month, while my weekly Welsh political news site, Senedd Home, launches in September.

There are clear implications for this site, so it's worth outlining what's going to happen to it and what you can expect.

This site (the Blogger site) will become an "archive". It's likely to have a subdomain (name).oggybloggyogwr.com and will also retain the oggybloggyogwr.blogspot.com address.

All politically-significant posts from the last six years will be retained. Other posts will be moved to the new sites: for example, satirical posts will be moving to Oggy Bloggy Ogwr, while independence-related posts (i.e. defence posts, Wales & the World) will be gradually moved to State of Wales to join the Independence Index itself.

Most Assembly-related articles written prior to the summer recess will be staying here, as will links to other sites (because Wordpress' blogroll is crap) - Senedd Home is going to include a feature focused on stories from the blogosphere to compensate.

Another thing to warn you about is that some old social media links won't work anymore. I doubt this will affect you that much but it's worth noting it.

Social media links to Bridgend-related posts and satirical posts shouldn't be affected as they'll be moving to the new Oggy Bloggy Ogwr (so will retain the link name), it's more for everything else.

If you've subscribed to Oggy Bloggy Ogwr by e-mail, you've been automatically signed up to receive the newsletters/emails from the new sites....if you're wondering why you got the first newsletter yesterday (particularly if you're not that interested in Welsh nationalism).

If you want to unsubscribe from one particular newsletter (or all of them) you can do so by following a link towards the end of the newsletter itself.

The current Oggy Bloggy Ogwr (oggybloggyogwr.com) will be taken down so work can start on the move by the end of this week (6th August). The aim is to launch the new Bridgend-focused site w/c 21st August. Details about Senedd Home will be revealed closer to launch, but State of Wales gives you an idea of what to expect.


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