Sunday, 17 July 2011

Welsh Government's Legislative Programme

This week, the First Minister outlined the Welsh Government's legislative programme in more detail for the coming Assembly term in a statement to the Assembly (available here at Click on Wales). In my last post on this a few weeks ago, I was critical of the lack of ambition shown. Although I haven't greatly changed my stance since then, there are a few outlined Bills that could turn out to be very good laws.

That doesn't change the fact that many of them are what I would call "administrative". By that I mean they relate largely to the machinery of government and wouldn't have any noticeable impact on the Welsh public. In short, bordering on a waste of time and resources. Micromanagement at it's finest Welsh Labour best. There are obviously exceptions to that.

With no fewer than twenty one proposed bills, I think the phrase "less is more" should be drummed into the skull of every current and future Welsh Minister.

In the First Minister's speech, he clumped the proposed legislation into five bands. Below is a summary of what each bill is intended to be as well as some short commentary.

1. Environment, Sustainability & Heritage

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2. Young People

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3. Protecting Vulnerable People

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4. Health

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5. Improving Government

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