About Oggy Bloggy Ogwr

This is the archive site of the former Oggy Bloggy Ogwr (which ran between 1st March 2011- 1st August 2017) and will no longer be updated as of 2nd August 2017.

From September 2017, Oggy Bloggy Ogwr will have been split into three sites, each focused on a different subject. Click the images below to be taken to the new sites.

State of Wales
: In-depth analysis of and commentary about "big picture" issues affecting Wales now, as well as the Wales of the future - including discussion about the options, threats, benefits and opportunities of Welsh independence.

Oggy Bloggy Ogwr
: The continuation of this blog, focused on the latest political news and developments from Bridgend county and the surrounding area. Also includes satirical posts relating to Welsh current affairs.

Senedd Home
: A magazine-style site focused on day-to-day news from Cardiff Bay and other major talking points in Welsh politics. Updated once a week on Thursdays during term time.